Dynamic Law Firm, human-scale, JURISSOL aims at serving companies wishing to focus primarily on their strategy and make an ally of the laws and not a constraint.

Whether you have the responsibility of a company, a business unit or a particular division, you are urged to develop and implement a strategy, with appropriate human and material resources, thereby ensuring a place for your business in every respect in society. However, the many daily demands are as many obstacles to your operations. 

We are committed, by your side, in perfect agreement with your entrepreneurial approach, with a common goal: the success of your business.

JURISSOL Law Firm, business advisor, offers you 20 years of practice within legal, financial and tax services. 20 years of successful background within the European Commission and the private sector. 

An overall competence over the daily life aspects of the enterprise (corporate law, business  law, European Union law, labour law, insurance, finance, ...) 

A specialization in industrial projects (including renewables), environment (including Environmentally Classified Installations ICPE), insurance (risks mitigation) and institutional relationships (including grant applications)
But first and foremost a philosophy based on the knowledge and the management of risks.
JURISSOL offers a dedicated legal support, contributing to business performance in all areas of economic life