The provision of legal services requires first and foremost to serve our customers. For JURISSOL, this covers three main items :

Being available
Recognizing that business life requires a rhythm of decisions and actions that do not accept delays, JURISSOL is committed to treating concerns from companies with great attention and as soon as possible, so as to provide appropriate and realistic responses to any necessary action. 

Being close
Located in Paris, JURISSOL is also active in Province, throughout France, as well as internationally, including Norway and Germany, supporting businesses wherever their development takes them. 

In this context, the Firm includes a strategy of geographic support specific to each of its customers.

Be and remain credible
JURISSOL makes it a commitment to meet companies request. We therefore focus on areas of proven expertise and activities for which the Firm provides real value added. If necessary, we cooperate with fellow specialists in the fields related to the case at stake.


Recognizing that we live in society and do all carry, as such, a liability towards the entire community ; JURISSOL decided to assist in a real implementation of the principles of sustainable development including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Thus, Thibault POSTEL, participates as a volunteer, in the activities of the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative (ADIE). He provides legal advices tailored to young entrepreneurs, excluded from usual channels of credit.

ADIE is an association that helps people excluded from the labor market and the traditional banking system to create their business and their own employment through microcredit.

It was created in 1989 by Maria Nowak adapting to France the principle of microcredit. Particularly effective in the context of the  third world economy, microcredit has grown significantly in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Today, millions of people around the world live on their work with this type of financing. For fifteen years, microcredit has been developping throughout  the industrialized countries of Europe and North America. 

Since ADIE inception in 1989, nearly 61,000 businesses have been created, generating 73,000 jobs, with more than 76,000 micro-loans granted.