Main activities and references

The JURISSOL Firm offers an overall competence over the various aspects of daily companies life. In this context, JURISSOL is meant as a legal facilitator and operates at your request on a spot or more recurrent basis, on the issues that you have entrusted us. 

The main activities of the Firm are as follows (illustrated by a few references):

Drafting and review of contracts (supply, service, partnership, subcontracting, ...)
✦ Drafting and negotiating partnerships for an industrial cogeneration project, biomass-based (20 million euros) 
✦ Supervision of a set of contracts for the implementation of a logistics platform on a third-party land

Applications for environmentally classified installations permits (ICPE) 

  ✦ Preparation, filing and modifications of a ICPE file for the doubling of capacity of a factory in the paper industry 
✦ ICPE Administrative Litigation, and management of the recourses of 45 local authorities and environmental organizations

Insurance and risk coverage
✦ Development and implementation of comprehensive insurance coverage at corporate level in Norway
✦ Participation in the creation of a captive insurance company in Denmark. Participation in the Board

Institutional Relations and grant applications
✦ Search for financial support  and development issues related to an industrial investment of € 380 million. Relations with institutions, ecologists and local officials.

Creation, asset sale and companies secretariat

  ✦ Creation of companies, shareholders agreements, increase in share capital, financing agreement

  ✦ Transfer of shares, sale of assets