Legal Services

The JURISSOL Firm brings its expertise along the four lines of its profession : 

Consultancy, audit and assistance 
The firm JURISSOL engages with the company as early as possible, but also on specific topics, providing the guidance necessary to implement your strategy. We do also proceed, upon your request, with legal audits, environmental audits and risk mapping.

The Firm provides its assistance in the various steps and actions towards government agencies as well as public and private organisms. 

Pre-litigation, litigation and mediation 
The Firm assists its clients: 
* In the management of conflicts, within amicable and litigation phase, and in the missions of conciliation and mediation 
* In all sorts of litigations ; such as commercial, criminal, civil and administrative matters.

Thibault POSTEL was also trained, during 2010, as commercial mediator, by the Centre de Médiation et d'Arbitrage de Paris (a subsidiary of Chambre de Commerceet d'Industrie de Paris). He may therefore assist your company, wishing to avoid traditional Courts, for specific reasons.

Global support for investment projects 
Depending on the client's strategic objectives and the different components of the case, the Firm provides risk analysis and a detailed action plan in the various areas pertaining to the investment at stake. 
The Firm can handle, in whole or in part, the issues identified and delegated by the Client, such as drafting / reviewing contracts, obtaining operating permits, grant applications, or building permits in particular. 
The JURISSOL Firm performs the identified tasks within the action plan, prepare contracts and similar instruments and assists its clients in the negotiation and execution of these contracts and deeds. 

The Firm provides its assistance in the various steps and actions towards government agencies as well as public and private organisms.

Outsourcing of legal services 
Companies, especially SMEs, do not always have the possibiliy to assign an accurate budget to an internal legal position. In this case, after an analysis of legal needs and the Client requirements, the JURISSOL Law Firm offers the possibility of outsourcing the legal function: 

    * In full,
* By field of activity, or 
* On Ad hoc basis. 


In all these areas, we are committed to: 

1. Provide advance information on the amount of provisions and fees or means to determine them
2. Submit a detailed fee agreement governing relations between the Client and our Firm, including possibly a success fee if the case allows it, and the company accepts. 
3. Notify the Client if an event occurs which could alter the amount originally expected (including as a result of developments in the case or the occurrence of new events). 
4. In case of invoicing upon time spent, establish a recurrent billing and keep the Client informed from time to time. 
5. Remit to the Client at the end of the mission, or at the closing of the file, a detailed account, mentioning the actions completed and the fees already received.