Fees are proposed by the Firm and agreed between the parties. There can be a formal  agreement between the Firm and the Client.

The JURISSOL Firm offers different formulas for calculating fees: 

Fees for time spent
This method of calculating fees is particularly suited to cases where it is difficult to predict in advance the time it will take to their treatment. Counted time include: any appointments, preparing any document (deed, letter and email), any judicial or administrative process, any trip necessary to the mission.
The JURISSOL Firm provides a complete and comprehensive record of actions completed, ensuring the Client with a fair invoicing and a control possibility.

Block fees
In some cases, possibly complex, but whose conduct is foreseeable, the JURISSOL Firm may propose a lump sum fee formula,  offering the Client greater visibility on its budget until the full legal processing. 

In this case, the amount the Client will pay is fixed in advance in a clear and definitive way.
Success fees
Formula based on success fees only are prohibited. Success fees may only be additional to hourly fees.
They therefore constitute an additional payment based on the success of the case and the result.
They must be explicitly agreed between the Client and the Firm.

The fees may vary depending on:
- Time spent on the case
- The nature and difficulty of the case
- The specific situation of clients