The JURISSOL Law Firm has been created from the desire to provide businesses and their employees with benefits tailored to their specific constraints and strategies. 

To do this, JURISSOL, Corporate Counsel, relies on a demonstrated track record of 20 years of business services, taking into account the constraints specific to your industry.

Your first constraint is time. Implementation of your strategy requires a counsel that immediately understands you, and gives you an appropriate response within the minimum time frame. 

Your second constraint is effectiveness. The purpose of your demand requires a special attention and precision. But above all it requires to go straight to the point. Thus, while clearly mapping out the risks, we will therefore implement with you the most effective solution, exactly matching your needs.


Managing Partner, founder of the JURISSOL Law Firm, Thibault POSTEL first practiced at the Secretariat General of the European Commission in Brussels, serving cabinets of Commissioners. 

He then joined a norwegian based international industrial group (Environmentally Classified Installations ICPE, Seveso classified) in paper industry and held a variety of legal responsibilities : in France and abroad, within operational teams as well as in project mode. This legal risk management has rapidly expanded into the management of operational risks as a risk manager, managing over € 790 million in assets. 

As General Manager in charge of a shared services center, Thibault POSTEL also practiced human risks management, first and foremost social risks.

Finally, after an executive MBA at HEC, Paris School of Economics, he was offered the administrative and financial management of an industrial business unit, with a turnover of € 300 million.

Some references:
- Incinerators DIB (industrial waste)
- Cogeneration plant (biomass)
- Logistics Platform (rail-road)
- Industrial production lines
- Various industrial storages ...

His intimate knowledge of business at management and board level and his expertise in environmental and industrial projects enable to offer advices with high value added.

Thibault POSTEL was also trained, during 2010, as commercial mediator, by the Centre de Médiation et d'Arbitrage de Paris (a subsidiary of Chambre de Commerceet d'Industrie de Paris). He may therefore assist your company, wishing to avoid traditional Courts, for specific reasons.